PowerPro Installs Nimbus® Lightning Protection for MDC

November 2021 – PowerPro successfully designed, supplied, and installed Cirprotec Nimbus 30 ESE lightning protection system for Makati Development Corporation (MDC) in Quezon City, Metro Manila. The complete package installation was for two units of tower cranes.

The LPS installed for the MDC facility consisted of Cirprotec Nimbus 30 ESE lightning rods and Cirprotec CDR-401 lighting discharge counters.

The said lightning protection system has a radius of protection of up to 120 m that will help MDC’s facility reduce their risk of damages during a lightning strike. The nimbus® lightning system is equipped with state-of-the-art electronic device called ESE or the Early Streamer Emission technology. It makes use of the “atmospheric gradient to generate ionization which can substantially increase the protected volume.”

The lightning protection system will benefit the facility with savings of over 30% compared to a passive system.

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