Cable Termination and Jointing Kits

RHTS-X Cable Termination Kits

Heat Shrinkable Cable Termination Kits for Polymeric Insulated Cables up to 24kV

REPL range of RHTS Heat Shrinkable Terminations are suitable for installations on medium voltage extruded insulated cables (e.g. XLPE, EPR, PE) up to 24kV. The termination has a one piece Heat Shrinkable tube with excellent electrical anti-tracking and weathering properties, and an internal coating of material to provide void filling and electrical stress control around the screen cut area.


Kits are available for both indoor and outdoor environments using either single core or three core designs. Both compression and mechanical bolted cable lugs can be used. A range of insulating bushing boots, earthing kits, glands and mechanical lugs are also available to complete the installation in switchgear cable boxes.

  • Tested to CENELEC HD 629.1.S2

  • Unlimited shelf life

  • One piece heat shrink tubing with internal stress control coating

  • Small range covers wide cable cross sections

  • Kits available for single and three core cables in indoor and outdoor environments