Cirprotec Lightning Protection

Nimbus® Lightning Rod

Nimbus® is the series of new generation lightning rods with electronic early streaming emission (ESE). Radius of protection up to 100 m (based on emission times of 15 μs, 30 μs, 45 μs and 60 μs). Complies with standards NF C 17-102:2011, UNE 21186:2011, CTE SU 8.

  • Tested with lightning currents up to 200 kA (10/350 µs).

  • Highest Quality: AISI 316 stainless steel and non-expendable components.

  • Tested and certified by independent laboratories.

  • Bureau Veritas Certification.

  • Easy installation (and transport) thanks to its new design.

  • Testable in-situ with the Cirprotec LR tester.

  • 10-year extended guarantee. Register your Nimbus lightning rod here.