Fuses & Fusegear

Limitor® - NF/UTE Back-up Fuses 7,2kV to 24kV - Type FR

High Voltage IEC Fuses

Designed to be coordinated with other equipment, these current limiting fuse-links interrupt fault currents before they reach their peak. The fault current is interrupted inside the fuse-link body and although this is very fast, there is no sign of it outside. The 24kV fuses were specially designed with very low power losses, for use in SF6-insulated or compact air-insulated fused switchgear combinations The main elements in these fuses are: a barrel of class F insulating synthetic material, nickel plated aluminium end contacts, pure silver fuse elements and a composite material fuse element holder to withstand high temperatures. Thanks to their structure, based on a synthetic material, FR fuse-links are the perfect answer to the stress involved in use inside HV bays and fuse-link chambers.

  • Superior mechanical strength

  • Outstanding withstand to operating stresses

  • 100% synthetic structure

  • Reduce power losses by 30 to 40% (24kV)

  • Average type striker: force 1 ±0.5 Joules

  • High breaking capacity

  • High current limitation

  • EDF Approval which guarantees high performances and quality of fuses manifactured (24kV)

  • In accordance with:
    IEC 62271-105
    IEC 62271-107
    IEC 60787
    IEC/TR 62655