Fuses & Fusegear

Limitor® - aSJB/D Back-up Fuses 3,6kV to 12kV - with Trip Indicator

High Voltage IEC Fuses

Mersen HV fuse-links have been used for reliable protection in high-voltage switchgear and controlgear and high-voltage systems for decades. Mersen HV fuse link for motor protection is specially designed to protect HV motors against the effect of short circuit current and support repeated peak currents due motor starting. Mersen uses the best materials : fuse elements are in pure silver, caps are in silver-plated brass and body is in melamine fiber glass. As defined in the IEC 60644 the coefficient K is 0.51.

  • High speed switching

  • Voltage drive

  • Low inductance module structure


  • Energy efficency

  • Back-up fuse-links

  • High breaking capacity


  • High current limitation

  • Low power losses


  • Striker 50N / 30mm