Power Transformers

Dry Type Transformer

PowerPro’s H Class Dry Type Transformer, which is nonflammable, is the oldest, thus the most stable type of transformer using solid insulating material, not insulation oil. This is why its applications are suitable for chemical plants, hospitals and other fire-sensitive places.

  • High class insulation and fire safety

  • Compact & eco-friendly

  • Excellent electromagnetic force

  • Secondary Rated Capacity: 10~10,000 kVa

  • Phase, Frequency: 1/3 Phase 60Hz

  • Primary Rated Voltage: Up to 22.9kVy

  • Secondary Rated Voltage: Up to 11kV

  • Wiring Type: Dyn11, Dd0, others

  • Cooling: Natural-cooling (AN) or Forced-cooling (AF)

  • Insulation Class: A,E,B,F,H Class (NOMEX)