Cirprotec Lightning Protection

Cirprotec CDR-401

Lightning Discharge Counter

CDR-401 is a "clip-on" counter which can easily be installed on either flat tape or cable conductors. It just needs to be clipped around the conductor and it will remain tightly fastened. The system can also be screwed to the wall, but this is optional as the CDR-401 is provided with internal rubber pads which allow for tight installation around the conductor.

  • CDR-401 is the new counter which complies with the latest applicable Lightning Protection related Standards.

  • Open core technology: CDR-401 is a “Clip-on” counter that can be installed around the conductor. Ideal also for retrofitting.

  • Easy and tight fastering: CDR-401 can be firmly attached to the conductor by means of internal rubber pads. Hence, the system can be firmly installed without even attaching it to the wall with screws.

  • CDR-401 is totally protected against the effect of dust and against the effect of immersion (IP67).