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World-class PV Solutions by NOARK

This String Combiner Box equipped with NOARK devices, are used to consolidate the direct current of every string in a PV system before DC protection switchboard.

PowerPro Fronius Flash Sale

As low as 15% off on selected models for a limited time only!

Fronius Symo at 10% off [PROMO ENDED]

Get a 10% discount on the Fronius Symo and a 5% discount on the Fronius Data Manager (if bundled with the inverter) when you purchase this January 2019.

NOARK DC for Solar PV Applications

NOARK offers a line-up of DC Components that are suitable for solar photovoltaic applications.

Cascading Surge Protection Device

Maximize your system surge protection by implementing cascading Surge Protection Device (SPD). In a cascaded scheme, SPDs are utilized in multiple locations throughout the power system

Lightning Protection with the NimbusĀ® Lightning Rod

The Nimbus Lightning Rod is manufactured with the use of superior quality AISI 316 corrosion resistant stainless steel & it has a radius of protection up to 100m.