Lightning Protection System for Diamed Enterprise

Diamed Enterprise Lightning Protection System

May 11, 2022 – PowerPro successfully designed, supplied, and installed a Cirprotec Lightning Protection System for Diamed Enterprise located in Santa Fe Subdivision, Batong Malake, Los Baños, Laguna. The package includes a Nimbus® 15 ESE Lightning Protection Rod, providing a protection radius of at least 51M. It guarantees overall building protection from lightning strikes. Diamed, a biomedical institute, needs the security from external electrical hazards like lightning strikes. LPS preserves the condition of their equipment resulting in quality and accurate results to its customers and stakeholders. 

A CDR-401 discharge counter from Cirprotec was also installed. It features a clip-on mounting system which enables ease of installation to either flat tapes or the down conductors of the system. Unlike other discharge counters available, Cirprotec’s CDR-401 are more portable and easy to transfer without requiring any destructive work. It is also IP67 rated, making it totally protected against dust and immersion.

A grounding system completes this package to safely discharge any lightning charge that has been caught by the LPS. This includes down conductors where the lightning charges will travel to the ground, a grounding rod which will discharge the electric charge caught, and a ground inspection pit for the ease of inspection and maintenance of the ground discharge system.

With Cirprotec LPS, Diamed Enterprise is guaranteed safe from lightning damage to both their structure, electrical system, and their plugged-in delicate devices. The enterprise invested wisely in Cirprotec Lightning Protection System, making sure that the business runs smoothly and  is secure from external electrical hazards. Safety and security surely make Diamed Enterprise perform the most advanced researches and provide cutting-edge technology.

Electricity Safety Tips to Know at Home

Electricity is a basic need at home. It can be dangerous if not treated and used properly. Electricity safety is one of the most important measures you should keep in mind.

Here are some electricity safety tips you should do at home:

1. Always Turn off the Power

Turn off and unplug appliances when not in use. If you ever have to deal with electrical issues, always cut the power at the breaker box. Before repairing, always confirm that the outlet, fixture or switch is always off. 

2. Fire Extinguisher Availability

The availability of fire extinguisher helps in prevention of fire hazards. It is better to use a fire extinguisher in case of a fire. Water is a well-known conductor of electricity. Using water to put out a fire may cause electrocution and shock hazard for someone putting the flames out. Ensure a fire extinguisher is rated to handle electrical fires.

3. Use More than One Outlet

It is not a safe setup to have one outlet strip with a number of appliances plugged to it.  It is best to distribute small appliances and electronic devices to multiple outlets. This will avoid overwhelming the only used outlet.

4. Watch Out for Warm Outlets

Outlets should always be cool to touch. Having a warm outlet can mean an electrical fault inside it. If this happens, shut the circuit off of the breaker box and call an electrician immediately.

5. Child-proof Your Outlets

Children are playful and always curious. Installing outlet covers can protect them from electrical shock. It is even the best choosing spring-loaded covers that automatically close when nothing is plugged in. 

6. Invest in Circuit Interrupters

Circuit interrupters prevent types of fire that can kill and injure lots of people. It is also helpful to avoid damaging your property when electrical wiring has too much current flowing. 

7. Examine Flickering Lights

Flickering lights may indicate loose wires on the circuit. It may also be a bulb coming loose. Tighten the bulb to gain sufficient electricity flow. If it doesn’t fix it, call an electrician.

8. Extension Cords are for Short Term

Extension cords are meant for short-term use. These are not listed, labeled and rated for permanent use. With continuous use over a long period of time, extension cords can deteriorate. It can create a potentially dangerous electric shock and fire hazard. Install additional outlets where you need them.

Electricity is a cornerstone of modern living. As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” It is important to take note of these simple electricity safety measures to steer clear of its threats. Make sure to call a licensed electrician when it comes to electricity. It can save you a lot of time and money. Mostly, it will save your property and family at risk. 

Cirprotec Nimbus – Your Advantage in Protection

According to the NFPA, lightning strikes cause $451 million dollars in property damage each year. This number says a lot about how destructive and obviously frequent lightning strikes occur. It totally affects buildings which can either be residential or commercial. Businesses have more stakes in their daily and minutely operations. Hence, a destructive lightning strike can do more damage than just the physical structure. It may also adversely influence the business processes and profitability. This gives light to the importance of a Lightning Protection System.

Usually, businesses are situated in business  districts with high rise buildings, towering together and closer to the clouds. It makes these structures more prone to lightning strikes that aims to get discharged into the ground. Cirprotec Nimbus® ESE (Early Streamer Emission) Lightning Rods provide protection on structures that are prone to such. It conducts the strike’s electricity and directs it through a designated passageway consisting of wires to the ground. These wires are designed to transport the lightning charge away from the building, avoiding physical damage and short circuit on the electrical structure.  

Equipped with ESE technology, Cirprotec Nimbus® series gives an advantage in protection and lower overall cost since fewer rods are needed due to the device’s radius (approximately 120m) protection coverage.

UP Baguio Campus gets #PowerPROtected with Nimbus® Lightning Protection

FEB 24 – PowerPro successfully designed, supplied and installed a Lightning Protection Package consisting of Cirprotec Nimbus 15 ESE lightning protection system and Cirprotec CDR-401 lightning discharge counter for UP Baguio Campus. 

With up to 120M of safety radius, Nimbus® 15 ESE Lightning Protection should be able to protect the UP Baguio Campus Building from destructive lightning strikes which should have a higher chance of hitting ground given the geographical setting of the Campus, atop a mountain and closer to the clouds. 

Equipped with an Early Streamer Emission, Lightning strikes should hit way above the tip of the protection rod, maximizing the safety of the building and the lifespan of the protection system. Included in the package is the installation of Cirprotec CDR-401 Lightning Discharge Counter, an open core technology, clip-on counter that can be used to monitor the integrity of the system taking into account the number of strikes it has taken and to see whether it is time to replace the lightning arrestor, down conduit, and etc.

With its unparalleled expertise in the product and brand, Powerpro’s confident that the Lightning Protection System they installed would benefit the UP Baguio Campus for a long term and would live up to its value. 

For your next lightning protection system requirement, get #PowerPROtected!

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