UP Baguio Campus gets #PowerPROtected with Nimbus® Lightning Protection

FEB 24 – PowerPro successfully designed, supplied and installed a Lightning Protection Package consisting of Cirprotec Nimbus 15 ESE lightning protection system and Cirprotec CDR-401 lightning discharge counter for UP Baguio Campus. 

With up to 120M of safety radius, Nimbus® 15 ESE Lightning Protection should be able to protect the UP Baguio Campus Building from destructive lightning strikes which should have a higher chance of hitting ground given the geographical setting of the Campus, atop a mountain and closer to the clouds. 

Equipped with an Early Streamer Emission, Lightning strikes should hit way above the tip of the protection rod, maximizing the safety of the building and the lifespan of the protection system. Included in the package is the installation of Cirprotec CDR-401 Lightning Discharge Counter, an open core technology, clip-on counter that can be used to monitor the integrity of the system taking into account the number of strikes it has taken and to see whether it is time to replace the lightning arrestor, down conduit, and etc.

With its unparalleled expertise in the product and brand, Powerpro’s confident that the Lightning Protection System they installed would benefit the UP Baguio Campus for a long term and would live up to its value. 

For your next lightning protection system requirement, get #PowerPROtected!

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