World-class PV Solutions by NOARK

Low voltage products in String Combiner Box
  • Moulded Case Circuit Breaker -  NOARK Ex9MD (750/1000V DC, 16~250A)
  • Miniature Circuit Breaker -  NOARK Ex9BP (250/500/750/1000V DC, 10~63A)
  • Surge Protection Device - NOARK Ex9UP (500/1000V DC)
  • Fuse - NOARK Ex9FP (1000V DC, 1~30A)
  • Swtich Disconnector - NOARK Ex9IP (1000V DC, 32A, 63A)
In photovoltaic systems, both the voltage and direct current deriving from single PV panel is very low. They need to be combined to a high level before the current flows to the inverter.
This String Combiner Box equipped with NOARK devices, are used to consolidate the direct current of every string in a PV system before DC protection switchboard.

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