NOARK DC for Solar PV Applications

  • The DC Surge Protection Device Ex9UEP is suitable for photovoltaic applications. This SPD is designed and tested according to PV T2 class from EN 50539-11 standard. Indication front window helps users know the status of the breaker and remote-signal port is able to provide remote indication and alarm. Plug-in module design makes it convenient to change module without device disconnection.
  • The DC Fuse Disconnector Ex9FP is used as a protection of photovoltaic strings against short-circuit current. It is offered in 1 and 2-pole versions and is suitable for fuse-links of size 10 x 38 mm with rated current to 30 A. It has a rated operational voltage of 1000 V DC and rated current of up to 30 A.
  • The DC Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Ex9MD TM is intended mainly for photovoltaic applications as a main switch and current protection of DC part of photovoltaic power plants, but it can also be used in industry. Testing according to IEC / EN 60947-2 standards ensures functions and reliability for wide variety of applications including isolation. This breaker is offered with thermomagnetic releases, in 3 and 4-pole versions with breaking capacities from 25 kA up to 100 kA. Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 8 kV makes it possible to use even in system with occurences of transient overvoltage waves of high intensity.
  • The DC Miniature Circuit Breaker EX9BP Series is a non-polarized device suitable for photovoltaic applications. It has a rated short circuit breaking capacity of Icu 10 kA and rated operating voltage of Ue 250 V DC per pole. It offers the best solutions to small residential installations to medium-sized residential and commercial rooftop systems to large photovoltaic power stations/solar farms.

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