Lightning Protection with the Nimbus® Lightning Rod

The Nimbus Lightning Rod is manufactured with the use of superior quality AISI 316 corrosion resistant stainless steel and it has a radius of protection up to 100 m (based on emission times of 15 μs, 30 μs, 45 μs and 60 μs). Moreover, the Bureau Veritas certifies that the Nimbus® range lightning rods have been subjected to the testing and production quality controls laid down in the requirements of the NF C 17-102:2011 standards. Although other, low-quality brands claim to conform to NFC17-102, very few are actually certified to it. This is a significant differentiating factor of the Cirprotec Nimbus range.

Nimbus® is Cirprotec’s new generation of ESE-type lightning rods (with electronic early streamer emission device). ESE-Early Streamer Emission technology makes use of the atmospheric gradient to generate ionisation which can substantially increase the height of the lightning impact point above the tip of the rod, thus increasing the volume protected. This facilitates the protection of large areas, simplifying and reducing material and installation costs.

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